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Vernetta Holman is a Member of the Professional Women’s Business Network. > On February 10 2012, Dennal Joiner, who is Vernetta’s brother, a devoted father and husband, was tragically run down by an out of control car near the Philadelphia
> Zoo, as he stood on the sidewalk waiting for a transit bus to get home
> from his job as a part-time School Bus driver. As a result of this
> accident, Dennal lay in a comma for 5 weeks, suffered from a severe
> frontal lobe brain injury, a punctured and collapsed lung, broken
> ribs, a broken arm, and two severely broken legs. He has had to
> undergo several long hours of extensive surgeries and a skin graph.
> For more than 2 months, Dennal received his daily nutrition via a
> feeding tube to his stomach and breathed only as a result of a
> tracheotomy assisted by a constant flow of oxygen. Needless to say, Dennal’s family needs assistance now to maintain their home, living expenses, and his medical costs. Vernetta Holman has decided to help this family during this tragic time by holding a fundraising gala. Where you can attend or donate money for this cause – your assistance will be much appreciated. The Professional Women’s Business Network will always support its’ member needs. Here are the details of the event:
> The All White Gala Benefit will be held on July 21, 2012 at the
> exclusive Germantown Cricket Club, 411 Manhiem Street, Philadelphia
> Pennsylvania. Your generous participation would be most appreciated in
> sharing in this event with us and supporting our brother Dennal and
> family.
> Feel free to extend the event flyer to your family and friends via
> email, Facebook and other Social media outlets, we just want to get
> the word out, as well, I encourage you and your family and friends to
> come as a group, (each table seats 10) and enjoy this most fabulous
> and memorable night together. If you would like to present flyers to
> others, I have them if you want to spread the word of this Gala event.
> If you would like to purchase a whole table of (10) or sponsor this
> event, Please contact me.
> Please visit Dennal’s special website page, via my business website
> at:
> I can be reached for ticket info or general information via my cell
> 267-231-3993, Business Phone 903-231-3993 or email at

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