Women And The Modern Business

Women And The Modern Business

Business, in general, is always competitive. This is a safe assumption everyone can agree with, especially business owners. Another safe assumption would be that many equality issues have been addressed over the years. But has women really reached a point where they can say it’s fair game between the sexes in the business world?

This is a topic that will be explored in this particular article. And it will look at the current challenges women still face in the business world on a daily basis.

Achieving The Level Of Being Treated As An Equal

There are a lot of women who will openly state they are not getting the recognition they deserve at work. But sometimes the bigger issue can be an internal one. For example, we are our own worst enemies, and when an opportunity provides itself, we don’t step up and take it.

A good case study for this challenge can be the situation that surfaced at Google. As a company that is committed to treating everyone as equal, it found that more men took on opportunities for promotions than women.

If women don’t speak up and take these opportunities, it is a much bigger challenge to receive equal treatment in the business world. More specifically, if your employers are not valuing you enough then you have to make them aware of it.

Support From Women Around You

It’s great to have your gal-pals to back you up, but women are not really naturally supportive when it comes to other women. And this is due to a subconscious response based on competitiveness. It is referred to as unconscious bias, and it can be very dangerous.

So, while you are probably going to be paranoid about the women who work with you, always consider how supportive you are towards them. Hopefully, this is not an issue for you. But if it is, focus on changing it.

Money Over Emotion

Yes, women are emotional beings, and sometimes their passion to succeed can cloud the real purpose of starting a business, which is to generate good profits.

Now, while a determined woman will try to handle everything by herself, it is recommended to approach things a little differently. Instead of showing everyone you are capable of doing EVERYTHING, hire people to do it for you. Get into the manager seat and show your peers how a business makes money.

Boosting Confidence

Just because someone has experience and knowledge doesn’t mean they feel confident, especially women in a highly-competitive business setting. It is natural to still feel intimidated instead of confident, but that is not the reality you should be accepting.

If you prepare properly and understand your purpose, there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel just as confident as our male counterparts. Because once you have clarity about your goals and how you want to reach them, nothing is going to stop you – and you know this.


In business, it is very important to build alliances and constructive relationships. Unfortunately, it remains a big challenge and expecting men and women within a competitive environment to just accept you as their best friend is somewhat unrealistic.

That means you have to find individuals who can help you build your brand, and focus on reaching out to them. And as supposed to talking business right away, try to establish a common ground first. See how you communicate and whether this person might be in a position to help you further your business or career.

You should always be looking to expand your network of alliances, even it is going to be tough.

Some Final Thoughts

There is no question that women have gained a lot of power over the years, but they are still afraid to use it. And the challenges mentioned in this article, there are several solutions just waiting for you. You just have to decide how seriously you take yourself because the answer can make all the difference.

How To Hire The Right Staff For Your Business?

How To Hire The Right Staff For Your Business?

Hiring inefficient and unproductive staff for your business will affect the bottom line of your company before long. You know the difficulties faced by the company when you hire such individuals for your company. But you don’t need to worry because you can easily change it.

Joy of Business was created from scratch by its founder Simone Milasas a few years ago. She had to work hard to set up the business since she believed that she was the only individual who could run her company – a scenario that is familiar to the vast majority in business.

Simone went on to say – “Since I believed that no one else could do the work that I could – I unconsciously hired people who couldn’t do the things that I could.” In fact, my belief attracted people who weren’t efficient enough to do the work I do – and I hired them in accordance with the belief I had.

If you are aware of something – you can easily change it. “Once I realized my belief was getting in the way of hiring the right staff for my business, I changed it.” In fact, now I look for individuals who are productive and could contribute to the growth of my company.

Simone stresses the need to look beyond the qualifications and experience of the candidates you are interviewing. In fact, she suggested three foolproof steps that could lead to hiring the right staff for your company. This will benefit both you and your business in the long run.

How To Hire The Right Staff For Your Business?

How To Hire The Right Staff For Your Business?

1. Hire Staff Who Knows More Than You Do

Look for people who know more than you do. In fact, you should be hiring staff who can do what you do even better than you. When you have highly competent people working for your business, you can easily take your small business to the next level.

2. Hire Staff Who Has A Positive Mindset

If the people you hire love money and have a positive mindset, they will look to create more opportunities to grow your business. Even if they don’t come from wealthy families, their mindset will benefit your business in the long run. If a person has a poverty mindset, he or she will always see limitations in what you do. In fact, such a person will see a limited pool of opportunities than a playground of possibilities. That is why you should hire people who have a positive mindset.

Here is who to discover if a person has a positive or poverty mindset: Make sure you answer these two questions before hiring the potential candidate for your company.

. Will this person help grow my business?
. Do he or she see opportunities or limitations?

When you ask the right questions, you will know whether the person has a negative or positive mindset by the answers you get to the questions.

3. Hire Employees Who Can Add Value To Your Company

Another good question to ask yourself is – “Will this person add value to my company in some way?”

When you are interviewing the candidates for the job, you should ask the person – “What is the one thing that I haven’t asked you that I should know about you?”

Such a question will motivate the candidate to tell you what they don’t want you to know. Most of the time, you will get an answer like – “Sometimes I run late” or “I don’t really like answering the phone.”

It is important that you get the right information from the candidate when interviewing him or her. That way you can make the best decisions about your business.

See why women are successful at starting and running companies


CBD Start Up Business For Women

Why Are Women Successful At Running Startup Companies?

Why Are Women Successful At Running Startup Companies?

According to recent studies, women are able to bring in three times the revenue compared to men in similar entrepreneurial positions including startup companies [1]. Why is this the case? What is causing women to run better companies despite a lack of enthusiasm or support from venture capitalists?

There is a lot of information available illustrating the value of women-led startups and it’s important to dissect this detail.

Develop Resilience

Yes, the lack of support from venture capitalists and similar lending firms means women-led startup companies begin with less. In fact, it’s suggested these startup companies only receive 2.7% of the funding compared to men-led companies [1]. In fact, only 8% of all women get to late-stage funding rounds [2]. This begins to highlight the discrepancy between both parties and why it’s become important to close the gap.

When women are put into a situation where the budget is restricted, they start to maximize their budget. It’s not as easy to throw away funds and this helps develop professional processes from top to bottom. They develop the ability to “penny pinch” and that is ideal for startup companies. Too many startups lose out simply because they throw money down the drain without thinking about what they’re doing. Since women-led businesses aren’t in a position to do this, they become naturally resilient.

This is a human trait and is something only women end up having to deal with. While it might not seem ideal at the start, it can lead to a much better long-term business setup that can sustain itself. Once those built-in strategies are set up, a business can start to welcome more funds into their budget and grow rapidly.

CBD Start Up Business For Women

CBD Start Up Business For Women

Reasonable Predictions

Ever heard claims where a business is going to make $100 million in the next year?

There are many situations where men-led startup companies make large promises and hope to shatter through their competition. This might seem nice on paper but it doesn’t account for the market pressures put on a startup company. It’s not going to be as well-entrenched as the big companies, which means there is a huge learning curve. Unfortunately, these companies don’t think about those details and end up putting themselves into a tough spot.

However, women don’t do this and are often seen being conservative!

They are detailed with regards to potential predictions and how the business is going to grow in the long-term. They follow the ground rules of running a startup company and do not aim to show bravado. This is a wonderful way to run a startup company and is the right mindset to have. Over time, the business will grow but it’s better to push through easier goals than to fail running after unreasonable ones.

By making reasonable predictions, the business doesn’t put itself into a position where mistakes are made. Everything follows a plan and this keeps things simple. While not all men-led startup companies come in unreasonable, a larger portion do, which makes it harder for long-term success.

Better Understanding of Certain Niches

Emerging markets continue to provide new information and it’s difficult to determine what’s valuable. In such cases, male venture capitalists might not like the idea of heading into a market that’s new to them and prefer to stay in what’s worked before. However, many indicators show a willingness to dive into these markets when women are at the helm of a startup company. They are able to educate men on these niches and that can provide a plethora of new opportunities that are useful in the long-term.

It’s important for also being able to head into niches that are deemed challenging for men (i.e. segments of beauty). Being able to tap into these markets and learn with women-led startup companies helps everyone earn money and cut through the competition.

Along with being able to do well in those niches, it’s also a great way to learn more about traditional niches. Being able to look from a new perspective is a great way for maximizing profits. Over time, a lot of women entrepreneurs are earning the opportunity to do well in these niches.

Willing to Adapt

Adaptability is one of the most important qualities of a modern entrepreneur.

Women entrepreneurs are more willing to adapt and adjust based on what’s happening in front of them. There’s less rigidity in how a business is run and that can go a long way in making things work. Men-led startup companies tend to falter because they refuse to make amends based on mistakes that are made. Of course, this is not seen in all men-led companies but it is a trend that is noticed in recent years.

This ability to adapt is one of the main advantages of working with a startup company and growing together. Venture capitalists want to be able to work towards a progressively better business and that tends to happen more with the help of women entrepreneurs.

Whether it has to do with the budgeting, product development, or a combination of everything, this ability to adapt is essential.

Ideal for New Markets

Many new markets are popping up with each passing day and it’s becoming important to understand how they work. Since so many venture capitalists want to avoid a situation where they enter a market blindly, it’s best to have a new perspective.

Women are able to provide this new perspective and that goes a long way in helping push startup companies in the right direction.

Men-led startup companies tend to show signs of inflexibility when it comes to new markets and use older strategies. This becomes much harder to deal with and leads to failure. Women startups have shown this is not a problem and adjustments can be made regardless of the market.

See Women and The Modern Business

Passion to Push Ahead

The reason women are more successful at running startup companies has to do with perseverance.

Since there are so many “glass ceiling” moments for women to deal with in the corporate world, it becomes doubly important for them to push through. This has become one of the reasons so many women are willing to put in the extra effort needed to succeed.

While numerous men-led startup companies do show passion, it is not at the same level as a women-led startup company. Those additional hurdles whether it has to do with funding, partnerships, or other issues, women tend to push through at a better pace. This is essential when it comes to running a good business and ensuring things head in the right direction. If there is no passion, the business ends up folding because the leaders give up.

Improved Teamwork

There are examples of improved teamwork seen in these situations and that is never a bad thing. Since women are put into tougher corporate situations (i.e. minimal funding), it’s common to see these professionals emphasize the notion of teamwork. When that is the case, a business is able to come together and set up roots that last for a long time. In fact, this is one of the main reasons so many women-led startup companies do well over the long haul.

There is a sense of teamwork that ensures success and is essential for the betterment of a company.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there are many reasons for women doing well when it comes to running startup companies. It’s important to understand these reasons and continue to build towards a better economic future.

Women can take these examples and push forward with a passion!



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Hardest Things in Programming

5 Amazing Things Highly Successful Female Marketers Know

Throughout the last decade, marketing has changed. There are many more channels to tap, as well as various ways to become creative and being data-driven is a must. These days, marketing requires a balance between long-term strategies and short-term initiatives. It doesn’t matter what kind of marketer someone is, they have to be both adaptable and iterative, otherwise they won’t continue to evolve.

Women in marketing don’t always reach the same success using the same strategies as male marketers. A study revealed that both genders perceive women as successful in the industry, but they take a different approach. In fact, they combine experience, fact and opinion, which is why they tend to make very effective marketers and simply put, some of the best.

In another study, it was revealed that over 40% of entry-level professionals are female. By the time marketers land in executive positions, women only held around 20% of them. What do successful female marketers know that others know?

Don’t worry, we’ve answered that question. There are a lot of things they know. This includes:

  1. Know Your Audience

You need to know your audience or your targeted audience. Then you have to create the right message that caters to them. Not only finding the right message but connecting to the entire audience as as whole is what makes women more successful than men at this the majority of times. Men seem to be hyper focused on audiences where women seem to look at message and audience from the 50,ooo foot level.

However, how do you go about finding blind spots in your base of customers? Easy, as you can send out your best customers a brief survey to fill out. Alternatively, you can call them up and learn quickly what their interests are.

As a followup, you can send them an email or survey asking them for feedback about your service or product right after they make a purchase. Another good way to follow up is via social media. When you launch something new, go to social media and ask for their opinions, but do make sure you tag them in your posts that announce your launched date.

  1. They Go The Extra Mile

Women in the marketing industry know that going the extra mile is a must. This means doing more than necessary. This includes taking risks and being more involved in the branding experience, social media and in reality.

Ways to find audiences:

  • Instagram geotags to get to know who your customers were and then your able to engage with local customers.
  • Google Analytics
  • EW Hot SaaS Geofli ( ) hyper geo targeting on your website

How does Geolify work?

An online SaaS (software as a service) platform, Geolify offers powerful location segmentation ability to its users. The software uses IP to location technology to acquire geolocation data from visitors to a particular site. Those visitors are then shown specific content based on each visitor’s location as predetermined by the user of the software. For example, one could set-up a geo bar to appear at the very top of the site promoting a new store opening in a specific market. Only the visitors with IP addresses from the market segmented in the software would see the new store geo bar. The geo bar, however, is just one of many features available with Geolify.

  1. Be With Like-Minded People

Women marketers know the importance of having a network of like-minded people. This includes sponsors, allies and mentors. It is all about being surrounded with people who will advertise your brand via word-of-mouth marketing.

Remember, you need a good team of like-minded people, but do keep a cruel to be kind attitude. Don’t tell your top team members how good they are and that they don’t need to change anything. Instead, give them constructive criticism and tell them how they can develop their skills, that way they can take their careers to the next level.

  1. Take Influencer Marketing To New Extremes

When you have a network of influencers, then great things can happen, but you want to take things to a new extreme, sort of speaking. For example, Cava Grill decided to take a SoulCycle class via one of the influencers they work with. By having team members do the class, their audience grew by a large number.

  1. Ongoing Education Is A Must

Always be willing to learn. Try to learn something new on a regular basis, both about marketing and something about your industry. Keep updated by checking out the latest news affecting your industry.

Look for what’s trending too. This is how you’ll gain an edge over your competitors. Podcasts, news shows and tutorials are all great sources to use to continue your education.

Successful Entrepreneurs around the world believe you shouldn’t get too comfortable. If you do, then you’ll stop growing and eventually you’ll end up where you started.

Final Tip

Another tip is to work on building your own personal brand, which can keep you growing. Women shouldn’t downplay their abilities, accomplishments or capabilities. As a marketer, make yourself vocal, showoff your skills and be confident and talk about your accomplishments. If you do all of these things and you continue to focus on building your personal brand, then you will be successful.