Women And The Modern Business

Women And The Modern Business

Business, in general, is always competitive. This is a safe assumption everyone can agree with, especially business owners. Another safe assumption would be that many equality issues have been addressed over the years. But has women really reached a point where they can say it’s fair game between the sexes in the business world?

This is a topic that will be explored in this particular article. And it will look at the current challenges women still face in the business world on a daily basis.

Achieving The Level Of Being Treated As An Equal

There are a lot of women who will openly state they are not getting the recognition they deserve at work. But sometimes the bigger issue can be an internal one. For example, we are our own worst enemies, and when an opportunity provides itself, we don’t step up and take it.

A good case study for this challenge can be the situation that surfaced at Google. As a company that is committed to treating everyone as equal, it found that more men took on opportunities for promotions than women.

If women don’t speak up and take these opportunities, it is a much bigger challenge to receive equal treatment in the business world. More specifically, if your employers are not valuing you enough then you have to make them aware of it.

Support From Women Around You

It’s great to have your gal-pals to back you up, but women are not really naturally supportive when it comes to other women. And this is due to a subconscious response based on competitiveness. It is referred to as unconscious bias, and it can be very dangerous.

So, while you are probably going to be paranoid about the women who work with you, always consider how supportive you are towards them. Hopefully, this is not an issue for you. But if it is, focus on changing it.

Money Over Emotion

Yes, women are emotional beings, and sometimes their passion to succeed can cloud the real purpose of starting a business, which is to generate good profits.

Now, while a determined woman will try to handle everything by herself, it is recommended to approach things a little differently. Instead of showing everyone you are capable of doing EVERYTHING, hire people to do it for you. Get into the manager seat and show your peers how a business makes money.

Boosting Confidence

Just because someone has experience and knowledge doesn’t mean they feel confident, especially women in a highly-competitive business setting. It is natural to still feel intimidated instead of confident, but that is not the reality you should be accepting.

If you prepare properly and understand your purpose, there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel just as confident as our male counterparts. Because once you have clarity about your goals and how you want to reach them, nothing is going to stop you – and you know this.


In business, it is very important to build alliances and constructive relationships. Unfortunately, it remains a big challenge and expecting men and women within a competitive environment to just accept you as their best friend is somewhat unrealistic.

That means you have to find individuals who can help you build your brand, and focus on reaching out to them. And as supposed to talking business right away, try to establish a common ground first. See how you communicate and whether this person might be in a position to help you further your business or career.

You should always be looking to expand your network of alliances, even it is going to be tough.

Some Final Thoughts

There is no question that women have gained a lot of power over the years, but they are still afraid to use it. And the challenges mentioned in this article, there are several solutions just waiting for you. You just have to decide how seriously you take yourself because the answer can make all the difference.