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5 Amazing Things Highly Successful Female Marketers Know

Throughout the last decade, marketing has changed. There are many more channels to tap, as well as various ways to become creative and being data-driven is a must. These days, marketing requires a balance between long-term strategies and short-term initiatives. It doesn’t matter what kind of marketer someone is, they have to be both adaptable and iterative, otherwise they won’t continue to evolve.

Women in marketing don’t always reach the same success using the same strategies as male marketers. A study revealed that both genders perceive women as successful in the industry, but they take a different approach. In fact, they combine experience, fact and opinion, which is why they tend to make very effective marketers and simply put, some of the best.

In another study, it was revealed that over 40% of entry-level professionals are female. By the time marketers land in executive positions, women only held around 20% of them. What do successful female marketers know that others know?

Don’t worry, we’ve answered that question. There are a lot of things they know. This includes:

  1. Know Your Audience

You need to know your audience or your targeted audience. Then you have to create the right message that caters to them. Not only finding the right message but connecting to the entire audience as as whole is what makes women more successful than men at this the majority of times. Men seem to be hyper focused on audiences where women seem to look at message and audience from the 50,ooo foot level.

However, how do you go about finding blind spots in your base of customers? Easy, as you can send out your best customers a brief survey to fill out. Alternatively, you can call them up and learn quickly what their interests are.

As a followup, you can send them an email or survey asking them for feedback about your service or product right after they make a purchase. Another good way to follow up is via social media. When you launch something new, go to social media and ask for their opinions, but do make sure you tag them in your posts that announce your launched date.

  1. They Go The Extra Mile

Women in the marketing industry know that going the extra mile is a must. This means doing more than necessary. This includes taking risks and being more involved in the branding experience, social media and in reality.

Ways to find audiences:

  • Instagram geotags to get to know who your customers were and then your able to engage with local customers.
  • Google Analytics
  • EW Hot SaaS Geofli ( https://www.geofli.com ) hyper geo targeting on your website

How does Geolify work?

An online SaaS (software as a service) platform, Geolify offers powerful location segmentation ability to its users. The software uses IP to location technology to acquire geolocation data from visitors to a particular site. Those visitors are then shown specific content based on each visitor’s location as predetermined by the user of the software. For example, one could set-up a geo bar to appear at the very top of the site promoting a new store opening in a specific market. Only the visitors with IP addresses from the market segmented in the software would see the new store geo bar. The geo bar, however, is just one of many features available with Geolify.

  1. Be With Like-Minded People

Women marketers know the importance of having a network of like-minded people. This includes sponsors, allies and mentors. It is all about being surrounded with people who will advertise your brand via word-of-mouth marketing.

Remember, you need a good team of like-minded people, but do keep a cruel to be kind attitude. Don’t tell your top team members how good they are and that they don’t need to change anything. Instead, give them constructive criticism and tell them how they can develop their skills, that way they can take their careers to the next level.

  1. Take Influencer Marketing To New Extremes

When you have a network of influencers, then great things can happen, but you want to take things to a new extreme, sort of speaking. For example, Cava Grill decided to take a SoulCycle class via one of the influencers they work with. By having team members do the class, their audience grew by a large number.

  1. Ongoing Education Is A Must

Always be willing to learn. Try to learn something new on a regular basis, both about marketing and something about your industry. Keep updated by checking out the latest news affecting your industry.

Look for what’s trending too. This is how you’ll gain an edge over your competitors. Podcasts, news shows and tutorials are all great sources to use to continue your education.

Successful Entrepreneurs around the world believe you shouldn’t get too comfortable. If you do, then you’ll stop growing and eventually you’ll end up where you started.

Final Tip

Another tip is to work on building your own personal brand, which can keep you growing. Women shouldn’t downplay their abilities, accomplishments or capabilities. As a marketer, make yourself vocal, showoff your skills and be confident and talk about your accomplishments. If you do all of these things and you continue to focus on building your personal brand, then you will be successful.

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