Women And The Modern Business

Women And The Modern Business

Business, in general, is always competitive. This is a safe assumption everyone can agree with, especially business owners. Another safe assumption would be that many equality issues have been addressed over the years. But has women really reached a point where they can say it’s fair game between the sexes in the business world?

This is a topic that will be explored in this particular article. And it will look at the current challenges women still face in the business world on a daily basis.

Achieving The Level Of Being Treated As An Equal

There are a lot of women who will openly state they are not getting the recognition they deserve at work. But sometimes the bigger issue can be an internal one. For example, we are our own worst enemies, and when an opportunity provides itself, we don’t step up and take it.

A good case study for this challenge can be the situation that surfaced at Google. As a company that is committed to treating everyone as equal, it found that more men took on opportunities for promotions than women.

If women don’t speak up and take these opportunities, it is a much bigger challenge to receive equal treatment in the business world. More specifically, if your employers are not valuing you enough then you have to make them aware of it.

Support From Women Around You

It’s great to have your gal-pals to back you up, but women are not really naturally supportive when it comes to other women. And this is due to a subconscious response based on competitiveness. It is referred to as unconscious bias, and it can be very dangerous.

So, while you are probably going to be paranoid about the women who work with you, always consider how supportive you are towards them. Hopefully, this is not an issue for you. But if it is, focus on changing it.

Money Over Emotion

Yes, women are emotional beings, and sometimes their passion to succeed can cloud the real purpose of starting a business, which is to generate good profits.

Now, while a determined woman will try to handle everything by herself, it is recommended to approach things a little differently. Instead of showing everyone you are capable of doing EVERYTHING, hire people to do it for you. Get into the manager seat and show your peers how a business makes money.

Boosting Confidence

Just because someone has experience and knowledge doesn’t mean they feel confident, especially women in a highly-competitive business setting. It is natural to still feel intimidated instead of confident, but that is not the reality you should be accepting.

If you prepare properly and understand your purpose, there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel just as confident as our male counterparts. Because once you have clarity about your goals and how you want to reach them, nothing is going to stop you – and you know this.


In business, it is very important to build alliances and constructive relationships. Unfortunately, it remains a big challenge and expecting men and women within a competitive environment to just accept you as their best friend is somewhat unrealistic.

That means you have to find individuals who can help you build your brand, and focus on reaching out to them. And as supposed to talking business right away, try to establish a common ground first. See how you communicate and whether this person might be in a position to help you further your business or career.

You should always be looking to expand your network of alliances, even it is going to be tough.

Some Final Thoughts

There is no question that women have gained a lot of power over the years, but they are still afraid to use it. And the challenges mentioned in this article, there are several solutions just waiting for you. You just have to decide how seriously you take yourself because the answer can make all the difference.

Reasons For Directly Purchasing CBD Oil From The Manufacturer

Reasons For Directly Purchasing CBD Oil From The Manufacturer

Do you have an interest in purchasing CBD oil to distribute, or for business or personal use? If so, it is essential to take the time to find a reputable manufacturer. Truthfully there are many different kinds of companies with various brands that you can work with. However, the most effective and best way is to go directly to the manufacturers to get all of the products that you need.

It makes sense to buy CBD oil from a reputable manufacturer and there are numerous reasons for this. The following are a few benefits or reasons why you should directly purchase CBD oil from the manufacturer.

A Great Way To Save Money

Everyone has the goal of saving as much money as possible on any specific transaction and it is the same way with CBD oil. This is very beneficial, particularly if you are purchasing these oils in bulk. If you purchase the same amount from a distributor or retailer, you will end up having to pay more money than is necessary.

In general, the high cost mainly is from profits. What does that mean? It just means vendors need to earn a profit on their investment, and so their buying price will not be the same as their selling price.

So when you go through the manufacturer directly, you won’t have to pay the extra amount and therefore will save some money. By just taking a calculator out and calculating how much you will save, will help you completely understand why you should think about skipping the middleman and go directly through the manufacturer.

cbd oil manufacturer

cbd oil manufacturer

The Easiest Way Of Getting The CBD Oil That You Need

A couple of years ago, the process of purchasing from the manufacturer directly was somewhat complicated. Therefore, many individuals preferred to go through distributors and retailers.

However, due to technology advancement, it has become a lot easier to buy products from manufacturers directly. That means that these days you don’t need to settle with the other options. All you need to do is search for a manufacturer who will work with you.

The entire process starts with doing some research on the leading and best CBD Oil industry manufacturers. It is very important to realize that many of these companies have their own official websites which makes it a very easy process to buy items from the manufacturer directly. After you do your research, call or email the manufacturer to find out more about what their purchasing requirements are.

As soon as you call them up, you will be so surprised with their customer service and how willing they are to accommodate you. Although manufacturers don’t like selling to the public directly, they are willing to work with you.

The Chance To Negotiate

Purchasing products from stores usually means you will have to the fixed prices that are set. That doesn’t give you a lot of room for negotiating in terms of the amount you pay. However, when purchasing from a manufacturer, it will a very different story.

So when you buy products from the manufacturer directly, you can negotiate when it comes to the prices. There are other companies that prefer offering discounts instead of negotiating on their prices. However, it is always a good idea to get in touch with the manufacturer and inform them in advance what the approximate price range is that you are searching for. It also gives you room for customizing your order. Most of them will do what they can to accommodate all of your needs.

Purchasing from a retailer can limit you from obtaining these opportunities. When running a business, and you have a specific goal or theme you are trying to achieve, then specific custom-made products can be made and more.

Access To A Wide Range Of Products

It is very important to know there are numerous brands or types of CBD oils. Retailers and distributors have a tendency to sell popular products, which can limit your options. On the other hand, when you work with a manufacturer, you can get access to all of the products or brands that they sell. That will allow you to select the products that you need from their product lines directly.

Also, distributors and retailers frequently carry products from various other manufacturers as well. It is very important to keep in mind that they stock only a couple of products from different companies instead of bringing an entire line from a single company. What that in mind, it is very clear that going to the manufacturer directly gives you the power to make choices instead of having to rely on third parties.

Quality Control

The product CBD is available all over the world, and for that reason it is a good to ensure you have made the best purchasing decision when buying high-quality products. So it is important to know what you are purchasing. CBD sales, like in America, are not regulated. This places lots of pressure on those who are searching for quality products. People also fall victim to questionable vendors quite often.

For instance, there are some vendors that have been know to add water into their products to increase their products. So when you buy an oil from such a company, you won’t be getting 100% products.

With that in mind, in order to avoid the risk of buying impure oils, it is a good idea to consider purchasing your oils from the manufacturer directly. It is an excellent way of getting the best product that meets your needs; and a product that hasn’t been compromised.

However, that doesn’t mean you can trust all manufacturers. There are, unfortunately, manufacturers who have questionable interests. With that in mind, you should only seek out services from reputable manufacturers. Keep in mind, that the only way that you can guarantee you are obtaining high quality CBD oil through working with reputable companies.

How can you identify what the best company is for you? That is very easy. It just takes doing some research on the numerous manufacturers that are available within the industry. That is the only technique that can help you find the best manufacturer or company.

Opportunities For Building Long-Term Relationships

If you are wanting to invest in CBD oil, then purchasing from a manufacturer directly will help with establishing long-term relationships with reputable manufacturers. Keep in mind, that anytime you are wanting to sell products, you need to have suppliers that are trustworthy. You develop relationships through buy the same products repeatedly over a long period of time.

What many people are not aware of is that having good relationships with manufacturers provide you with many benefits. For example, one of the benefits is it makes it easy to obtain the products that you need. That is because after purchasing the first product, it will be easier buying subsequent orders in the future.

That is not the only benefit of getting a relationship established with a manufacturer. Quite often, companies will provide you with the first chance to purchase new products if you are already have a long established history of purchasing from them. They might also provide you with a sneak preview of upcoming developments or products.

The bottom line here is that as long as you are taking the money, effort, and time to build relationships, make sure you are developing relationships with manufacturers instead of distributors or retailers. That is due to the fact that it is very easy for you to obtain the products that you want at affordable prices. There are also may other benefits like promotional capabilities and more.


Different Choices Are Available

Recent market research shows that the CBD Oil market right now is booming. Due to this, there are numerous manufacturing companies emerging every day to meet this increased demand. This just means there are some companies that are just getting started while others have been in business for a long time.

What this means is that having various choices available for you can be very beneficial since it is a process for finding the best manufacturer to meet your needs. In terms of evaluating brands, it is a good idea to take the time and research the company that offers the products that you need and at a very affordable price.

Therefore, it is a very good idea to do plenty of research before you make your decision. That is a great technique for finding manufacturers that you really need. Make sure that you don’t make the error of settling for the third best or the second best. Do your research to choose the brand that goes the extra mile, in terms of customer service, product delivery, and quality.

From a negotiating standpoint, since manufacturers are always competing with one another, you can take full advantage of this. That is some that gives you added leverage when you are negotiating with companies since they will do whatever they can to make sure you are satisfied.

Good Customer Service

It is a fact that humans are prone to error. Even if you are purchasing your products from the world’s very best manufacturing company, errors can still occur. What does that mean? It simply means they can make mistakes. The problem isn’t the mistake, the problem is how they solve their problems. So if you ever run into a problem, you want to know who quickly they will act to help get the problem solved, and how long it will take.

Fortunately most companies act more quickly compared to vendors. That means they make is easy to get any arising issue solved. This is what determines the customer service level that is offered. In general, that is what determines the customer satisfaction level. Numerous CBD manufacturing companies will go above and beyond to make sure they have solve any issues that arise easily and also help to ensure customer satisfaction.

CBD Start Up Business For Women

Why Are Women Successful At Running Startup Companies?

Why Are Women Successful At Running Startup Companies?

According to recent studies, women are able to bring in three times the revenue compared to men in similar entrepreneurial positions including startup companies [1]. Why is this the case? What is causing women to run better companies despite a lack of enthusiasm or support from venture capitalists?

There is a lot of information available illustrating the value of women-led startups and it’s important to dissect this detail.

Develop Resilience

Yes, the lack of support from venture capitalists and similar lending firms means women-led startup companies begin with less. In fact, it’s suggested these startup companies only receive 2.7% of the funding compared to men-led companies [1]. In fact, only 8% of all women get to late-stage funding rounds [2]. This begins to highlight the discrepancy between both parties and why it’s become important to close the gap.

When women are put into a situation where the budget is restricted, they start to maximize their budget. It’s not as easy to throw away funds and this helps develop professional processes from top to bottom. They develop the ability to “penny pinch” and that is ideal for startup companies. Too many startups lose out simply because they throw money down the drain without thinking about what they’re doing. Since women-led businesses aren’t in a position to do this, they become naturally resilient.

This is a human trait and is something only women end up having to deal with. While it might not seem ideal at the start, it can lead to a much better long-term business setup that can sustain itself. Once those built-in strategies are set up, a business can start to welcome more funds into their budget and grow rapidly.

CBD Start Up Business For Women

CBD Start Up Business For Women

Reasonable Predictions

Ever heard claims where a business is going to make $100 million in the next year?

There are many situations where men-led startup companies make large promises and hope to shatter through their competition. This might seem nice on paper but it doesn’t account for the market pressures put on a startup company. It’s not going to be as well-entrenched as the big companies, which means there is a huge learning curve. Unfortunately, these companies don’t think about those details and end up putting themselves into a tough spot.

However, women don’t do this and are often seen being conservative!

They are detailed with regards to potential predictions and how the business is going to grow in the long-term. They follow the ground rules of running a startup company and do not aim to show bravado. This is a wonderful way to run a startup company and is the right mindset to have. Over time, the business will grow but it’s better to push through easier goals than to fail running after unreasonable ones.

By making reasonable predictions, the business doesn’t put itself into a position where mistakes are made. Everything follows a plan and this keeps things simple. While not all men-led startup companies come in unreasonable, a larger portion do, which makes it harder for long-term success.

Better Understanding of Certain Niches

Emerging markets continue to provide new information and it’s difficult to determine what’s valuable. In such cases, male venture capitalists might not like the idea of heading into a market that’s new to them and prefer to stay in what’s worked before. However, many indicators show a willingness to dive into these markets when women are at the helm of a startup company. They are able to educate men on these niches and that can provide a plethora of new opportunities that are useful in the long-term.

It’s important for also being able to head into niches that are deemed challenging for men (i.e. segments of beauty). Being able to tap into these markets and learn with women-led startup companies helps everyone earn money and cut through the competition.

Along with being able to do well in those niches, it’s also a great way to learn more about traditional niches. Being able to look from a new perspective is a great way for maximizing profits. Over time, a lot of women entrepreneurs are earning the opportunity to do well in these niches.

Willing to Adapt

Adaptability is one of the most important qualities of a modern entrepreneur.

Women entrepreneurs are more willing to adapt and adjust based on what’s happening in front of them. There’s less rigidity in how a business is run and that can go a long way in making things work. Men-led startup companies tend to falter because they refuse to make amends based on mistakes that are made. Of course, this is not seen in all men-led companies but it is a trend that is noticed in recent years.

This ability to adapt is one of the main advantages of working with a startup company and growing together. Venture capitalists want to be able to work towards a progressively better business and that tends to happen more with the help of women entrepreneurs.

Whether it has to do with the budgeting, product development, or a combination of everything, this ability to adapt is essential.

Ideal for New Markets

Many new markets are popping up with each passing day and it’s becoming important to understand how they work. Since so many venture capitalists want to avoid a situation where they enter a market blindly, it’s best to have a new perspective.

Women are able to provide this new perspective and that goes a long way in helping push startup companies in the right direction.

Men-led startup companies tend to show signs of inflexibility when it comes to new markets and use older strategies. This becomes much harder to deal with and leads to failure. Women startups have shown this is not a problem and adjustments can be made regardless of the market.

See Women and The Modern Business

Passion to Push Ahead

The reason women are more successful at running startup companies has to do with perseverance.

Since there are so many “glass ceiling” moments for women to deal with in the corporate world, it becomes doubly important for them to push through. This has become one of the reasons so many women are willing to put in the extra effort needed to succeed.

While numerous men-led startup companies do show passion, it is not at the same level as a women-led startup company. Those additional hurdles whether it has to do with funding, partnerships, or other issues, women tend to push through at a better pace. This is essential when it comes to running a good business and ensuring things head in the right direction. If there is no passion, the business ends up folding because the leaders give up.

Improved Teamwork

There are examples of improved teamwork seen in these situations and that is never a bad thing. Since women are put into tougher corporate situations (i.e. minimal funding), it’s common to see these professionals emphasize the notion of teamwork. When that is the case, a business is able to come together and set up roots that last for a long time. In fact, this is one of the main reasons so many women-led startup companies do well over the long haul.

There is a sense of teamwork that ensures success and is essential for the betterment of a company.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there are many reasons for women doing well when it comes to running startup companies. It’s important to understand these reasons and continue to build towards a better economic future.

Women can take these examples and push forward with a passion!