7 Ways To Break Through Through Writers Block

7 Ways To Break Through Through Writers Block

Writing does not come easily to most – whether you write for a living or dream of producing the next best seller. Putting thoughts that are inspirational or have a marketing message into words and then onto paper has become essential in a digital era whether you are blogging, a business owner or professional copywriter.

The amount of copy that the average copywriter needs to produce in a variety of different forms can be formidable. From big projects like providing website copy to smaller tasks such as producing regular newsletters, blog or social media posts, press releases, articles, video scripts, etc. can be overwhelming.

I understand the feeling. Writing for my own business over the last 2 decades I have found that the need for writing has increased phenomenally in both the amount and frequency that is required. Currently, I am also writing a book titled “Everything is Figureoutable” and am feeling 3 times the pressure. So I started wondering…

Is the process of creating copy for their own business as challenging for other creative writers? And if it is, what are the greatest challenges? A survey seemed to be a good way to find out and we received more than 16,000 responses with some surprising feedback.

7 Ways To Break Through Through Writers Block

7 Ways To Break Through Through Writers Block

It appears that there are 7 writers blocks that most of us battle to overcome.

Naturally, this has led to formulating 7 solutions to the 7 most common writers blocks.

1. Creating Original Copy

Ever felt like you have nothing new or interesting to say on a topic? It is common for writers to struggle to find a new perspective on a specific subject especially when bigger or better content already exists. Don’t allow this to deter you and watch this inspirational video.

The video contains a short but inspiring story about how I experienced a light bulb moment about being original when I chose to ignore my man’s advice. It will also teach you that you do indeed have a unique gift to offer the world.

2. Selling Your Message

It can be incredibly frustrating to invest hours of time creating the perfect sales message and get zero response. Developing a following that is loyal and engaged rather than speaking to a deaf audience is essential.

It is all a matter of perspective and there is an easy solution to this problem that won’t only positively impact your creativity but also your overall business.

The struggle to persuade people to buy into what you are selling can be resolved in 2 easy steps.

3. The Time It Takes

Does it feel as if it takes much too long to write what you need to say? Half an hour or more to compose an email or days to create a short blog post?

You are not the only writer who feels like they are delivering copy at a snail’s pace. Just about every professional writer would love to improve on their writing time while still producing quality content.

If you feel that you could definitely use some advice on writing copy much more efficiently, this episode is for you. Find the 8 secrets to effectively create content faster.

4. Finding The Time

Finding the time to balance writing with the other important functions of running a business can be a challenge. Completing big writing projects that you know will add immense value to your business, boost your brand awareness and reach more people takes time that you may feel that you simply don’t have.

There is enough time! This episode teaches you techniques that will assist you in tying up those larger projects that have been sitting on the back burner for a while. The first and second strategies were integral to completing my first book while still being at the forefront of my own coaching business and teaching 5 different dance classes daily.

5. Creating Quality Content

Ever felt that everything you write is BS and that you should just quit. Every writer questions their ability to deliver quality content and I am no different. Just a few months ago I was deep in the doldrums of despair when an accidental meeting with a stranger changed that.

6. Creating Unique Content

Feeling that you have nothing unique to offer and that your writing is not unique is not unique to you. In fact, it can often feel as if everyone suddenly seems to have a unique perspective except you.

How can it be possible to distinguish yourself from all the competition who seem to be experts at everything?

By employing the “4 Ps”, you can respond positively to the inevitable difficulty you have with creating unique content. These 4 techniques will also help express what you want to say and how you want to say in a way that is entirely unique to you.

7. Creating Authoritative Content

Ever felt that you are not qualified to offer advice, an opinion or simply speak on a certain subject? Being an authority on a topic is not necessary to creating content that is relevant and of value to others.

The fear of not having the experience or qualifications to write on a topic can be overcome with the strategies provided in this episode. You will learn how to use the LSC method and apply it to all your writing.

Always remember the enormous impact of the power of the word. Words can magically inspire the discouraged, heal a broken heart and open the mind to a whole new world of knowledge and the power that comes with it.